Friday, 3 May 2013

Managing Stress

We understand how busy it can be at the end of your semester / trimester of study; between assessments, revision and weekly work, there are many things that can make studying seem challenging. As such, we would like to talk to you about stress and provide you with a few tips to avoid and overcome stress leading into the busy end of semester one and trimester two. 

Firstly, what is Stress?

Stress is the body's way of dealing with pressure. Most people will feel stressed from time to time, and stress can be both good and bad;  Often mild stress will be a healthy coping reaction allowing us to manage challenging times. However, too much stress can affect our mental health, our physical health and impact on our ability to deal with a demanding situation. 

Recognising Stress

Recognising the signs of stress is important. These can include:
-          Lack of motivation
-          Feeling overwhelmed
-          Not coping with workload
-          Sleeping problems
-          Increased eating and drinking
-          Moodiness and other erratic emotions

Managing Stress - mySupport

Here are ten mySupport tips for managing stress:
1)     Exercise and keep active
2)     Eat a healthy well balanced diet
3)     Talk to someone you trust 
4)     Find time to do activities you enjoy
5)     Think positive thoughts
6)     Take charge of things you can control 
7)     Keep in touch with your friends and family 
8)     Be kind to yourself
9)     Focus on one thing at a time 
10)  Take up support from UoN

Managing Stress - Additional Resources

The Counselling Service

The Counselling Service have many additional resources to help you cope with the demands of study:
  • Appointments are available for individual and group counselling. Individual counselling is available on appointment basis, with some evening appointments available.
  • In addition to booked appointments, the Callaghan service offers a Walk in Clinic at 2 pm on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. These appointments cannot be pre-booked and spaces are limited so we advise students to arrive at least 15 minutes before the clinic opens. 
  • Listen to their mindful meditation podcasts online. 
  • Check out the Counselling service advice sheet on stress and relaxation, or view their other tip sheets.
  • The counselling service offers additional useful links on stress


Callaghan    4921 5801
Ourimbah -   4348 4060
Port Macquarie 6581 6200

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mySupport Staff

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