Sunday, 11 August 2013

Am I on track this semester?

Good Afternoon,  

Welcome to studies at UoN this semester.

This first motivational email is to help you check that you are on track to take on the semester ahead. So let’s tick all the right boxes and make your return to studies as smooth as possible. 

What is mySupport?
mySupport is a central point for students to access the range of services that are provided at the University of Newcastle.

Why might I want to take part in mySupport?

You may like an easy way to access the range of support students provided to students of the University of Newcastle. You can create your own list of services by playing our matching game, selecting a support category, or just searching for a service! You can even print off your support contacts or elect to have the contacts sent directly to your email.

You can also request a staff member contact you to discuss how things are going -  mySupport provides the opportunity to have phone, email and face-to-face contact with a mySupport advisor.
Am I on track this semester?

Have you enrolled in your semester 2 courses?

The last day to add classes without permission is Friday 9 August at 11:59pm. After this time you are unable to add courses in myHub, but you can apply for a late enrolment. Check out Ask UoN for more info

Are you attending all classes?

It’s great to have the freedom to attend lectures and tutorials when you want, but every class you miss is a lot of work to catch up on your own!  Make an effort to attend all your lectures and tutorials. By attending lectures and tutorials you also get to meet other students in your course, and developing contacts is an important component of being a successful university student.


Are you online?

MyUoN is the student portal. It gives you quick access to all the online systems you need during your studies such as UoNline (Blackboard), your student email (NUmail), the Library systems, and myHub where you enrol in your courses. 
Login to myUoN

To find out more about MyUoN, view the tutorial videos below:

MyUoN - An Introduction

myUoN - The Launch Pad
myUoN - Messaging
myUoN - Your Profile


Do you know when your assessments are due?

Start early: We recommend you look at all the assignments you have due throughout the semester NOW.  Mark up the due dates, their percentage value, and a rough plan as to when you will start them.  
It’s not uncommon that a lot of your assignments will be due at similar times to each other, so planning time to spend on each is crucial to getting all your work in on time. We have attached a semester planner, developed by Learning Development, to chart out your assignments.

Are you attending PASS and /or Learning Development workshops?

Learning Development are offering workshops and individual consultations to assist in everything from academic writing to mathematics. Find out more by visiting UoNline (the Learning Development blackboard site is located in the other courses).

The PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) Program is a study assistance program which targets courses in a number of degrees. It provides weekly sessions that are non compulsory led by mentors called PASS Leaders. It provides students seeking additional assistance with the course or just wanting to improve their grades. To view the courses on offer and the registration process visit

Best wishes with your studies for the semester ahead!

Support Staff

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