Thursday, 10 October 2013

Managing your stress with mySupport

It’s the end of week 9 and we are getting towards the close of Semester 2. These last few weeks before exams are usually a hectic and stressful time. As you finish off all of your assessments and start your exam preparation it is worthwhile noting that most Uni students will experience some stress; it’s a part of everyday life. Here at mySupport we think it is important to learn to manage your stress before little problems build up and become overwhelming.

10 Tips to Stress Less

You might like to share in our top ten tips to stress less at this time of semester:
1.       Feeling Stressed? Identify the causes.
2.       Take charge of things you can control, begin now.
3.       Develop a flexible schedule for the next month & set some priorities.
4.       Keep active & work it off e.g. take a brisk walk.
5.       Be positive!
6.       Relaxation helps focus the mind. Take slow breaths & think “calm".
7.       Stay in the moment & focus on one thing at a time.
8.       Maintain a healthy diet & get some sleep. Take time out for rest & fun.
9.       Stay connected to friends & family & let them know your plan of attack.
10.    Ask for help from your tutors, peers & student support services.

Relaxation Resources at UoN

The University Counselling Service website has many resources aimed at helping you manage your success through relaxation and meditation. Why not read their tip sheet for relaxation (, or even listen to a recorded mediation session (

Exams Looming? 

Exams are just round the corner. Why not have a look at the ‘Surviving First Year Exams’ website ( This is a great resource for all students in preparation for the Semester 2 exams.
If you are feeling overwhelmed and would like some guidance or extra support, remember your Student Experience Officers are here! Contact us here at mySupport to make an appointment.
Do not forget about the final date to withdraw from courses without incurring a fail grade. Although census date has passed, and you are liable for course fees, there is still time to avoid a fail grade by withdrawing from a course prior to the last week of classes.

Need help with something at the University of Newcastle? AskUoN

AskUoN is designed to help you easily find the information you are looking for. You can browse our hot topics, search for any specific questions you may have, and give feedback on our answers to ensure we always keep them relevant for you. AskUoN also allows you to submit a question directly to our enquiries team, for a fast and personal response. (

Remember to contact mySupport if you are feeling overwhelmed or concerned with anything!

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