Monday, 13 October 2014

Some Week 10 Motivation

Welcome back!!!

I am sure the 2 week break is a distant memory now and you are all back into the swing of things….remember the owl from the last email? I hope you’re looking more like the one on the left than the right.
This point in semester is a stressful time. Most of you would have received some results back, you may be preparing for more exams and getting some assessments finished….you should know that most students are experiencing stress and you are not alone. Stress can be good to enhance productivity and focus – but we need to manage the stress to create a positive momentum and not let it become overwhelming.

Some tips:
  •   Identify the signs of stress – common signs are irritability, headaches, changes in sleep, difficulty concentrating, frequent mood swings
  • ·         Identify the triggers – take charge of what you can control. Choose which thoughts to focus on, remove yourself from stressful situations, implement daily stress reduction techniques into your life – all of these you have the ability to control.
  • ·         Find an activity that reduces your stress that works for you. Some people enjoy yoga or meditation, others like to go for a run or take a boxing class. In times of heightened stress focus on breathing exercises but to prevent stress from building up get a regular activity that works for you.
  • ·         One task at a time. When you look at everything you have to do it will look like a mountain….break things down to handle each task at a time. If you have scheduled time to work on one assignment there is no point in dedicating brain power to think about your other assignment.
  • ·         Reaction – change the way you view the situation and this can change your stress response.
  • ·         Counteract negative thoughts with coping thoughts. Rather than those defeatist statements like ‘I am too busy, I have no time to do this’ change to ‘I will MAKE time to complete my assignment’ or instead of ‘I just don’t understand this’ change to ‘I have understood more than this, and I will understand this’.
  • ·         Be kind to yourself. Take some ME time. Try to maintain a healthy sleep and eating pattern to look after your mind.
  • ·         Ask for help from tutors and peers. Don’t forget about Learning Development also if you are stressed about the quality of your essay.

Relaxation Resources at UoN

The University Counselling Service has some tip sheets to help you manage your stress and studies also check out the meditation apps they have available Also remember you can use our free counselling service to discuss any personal or study-related issue. UoN Counselling team has online counselling support through Blackboard Instant Messenger, or you can connect in person. Check out this website to book in:
Who is who???
If you are feeling overwhelmed and would like some guidance and support but you are not sure where to go, start with the mySupport team! Contact us here at mySupport – or 49217494.  


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