Monday, 22 September 2014

Week 8 Motivation

Week 8!!!

Feeling a little like the owl above? Phew, it’s good to see this two week break! Good work for making it this far. Yes, stop and congratulate yourself for your efforts this semester, you deserve it.

BUT before we hide our books under the bed, head outside, and give ourselves a ‘break’ for the next two weeks rethink it…wouldn’t this be a great time to do some study? Perhaps you found yourself chasing your tail trying to ‘catch up’ over the last few weeks which possibly resulted in sleepless nights, irritability, high levels of stress? If so, now is the time to make some dints in the weeks ahead, and avoid that high blood pressure for the rest of semester.


Yeah, right…it’s spring…so how?

Motivation is easy to lose…so remind yourself where your motivation came from. Getting back in touch with it reminds us of what we are working toward. Talk it over with family, friends, other students, your boss, or even the team here at mySupport.

Reduce stress. One of the mistakes students make is getting so overwhelmed with everything that is ahead. Break it down and cover one thing at a time. Smaller tasks are easier to commit to and more short term goals will make you feel like you are achieving throughout the whole semester.

Have a look at the results you have received in your courses so far. How are you going? Where can you improve? Have you surprised yourself and went better than you expected? Checking out the results of assignments and quizzes over the last few weeks will help you to understand where you are at in your course and set yourself a goal for what you can improve on.

Get Productive!

Establish a realistic schedule:
That’s right…a realistic schedule. Have you really dedicated enough time to each subject and not just the most interesting? You want to pass all of them, yes?
Ensure there is a balance. It is an overused word but so crucial to success at University. Maybe you need to get in and request time off work around exams. Also sometimes we just cannot get to every single social engagement. In the lead up to summer this can be difficult as getting outside is so tempting but make that part of your reward system. Do the work and then enjoy a day outside. Take breaks by going for a walk, do not sit inside all day everyday but make sure your study comes first. You can also use the break to cook up some delicious healthy meals and stick them in the freezer. A great time saver when you’re back to uni.

Remember to contact mySupport to talk to your Student Experience Officer if you are feeling overwhelmed or want to revisit your motivators – phone 49217494 or email!

Happy break!

Kind Regards,

mySupport Team

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