Monday, 8 September 2014

Final Exam Study Cycle

We know how busy you all are so we will not hold you here for too long…..we do not want to be the reason for your procrastination! But we do need to send you some hints and tips to assist with your exam prep!

               Make sure you know the room and time! – Check this the night before

               Ensure that you are eating healthy – have a full healthy breakfast and/or lunch before you leave home – you do not want the hunger pains and distractions while the exam clock is ticking.

               Come in for your exam a little early just to be sure you make it. The last minute stress of finding a park or running for the train can be avoided.

               Bring your student ID!

Panicking because you missed the Learning Development exam prep workshops? We have attached some slides on exam preparation and time management to this email if you need a few more tips.

You can also check out this website designed for first year students but relevant to all!

Also our friends at Counselling have some great tips related to your overall health. If you are feeling stressed head to this website and click on the stress drop down. You will find some tips along with a meditation app to assist you in managing the intensity of this time of year.

It will all soon be finished for semester. Knuckle down now so you can be celebrating in the break!

We wish you all the very best for your exams and don’t forget to get in contact with a Student Experience Officer if you are feeling overwhelmed – T: 49217494 or E:

Congratulations all!

mySupport team

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