Monday, 8 September 2014

Preparation in Week 12

Week 12 - Preparation

We are nearing week 12 which means assessments and exams, due dates and final lectures!! Good preparation, time management and balance are essential to this time of semester.

Get Ready

Make sure you are prepared for your exam – when is it? How much is it worth? What do you need to bring?

Students find practicing on old exams can give you an idea of what to expect and also if you time yourself doing the exam it can be good practice for making sure you spend the right amount of time on each section.

Many students find that making a study schedule can really help stay on track. Maybe choose one course to focus on per day. Set aside the hours you have to study and focus on this course and then factor in study breaks. Some students set aside more study time for the classes that they do not do so well in to give themselves the time they need to understand the content of the course. The schedule could include the due assessment items, exams, PASS, revision lectures and work commitments. Then you can see the places you can pop in your study. Create a to-do list prioritising your upcoming tasks which may include sitting practice tests, attending PASS, going over difficult content.

Ask questions! Your tutors are there for you to clear up those bits you need clarification on. The earlier the better!


For some reason, many time sensitive tasks seem to come out of nowhere as exam revision is commencing! The house desperately needs a spring clean, facebook has many photos and articles you have never seen before, and those odd jobs that you have put off for 13 weeks are suddenly at the top of your priorities! Procrastinating can take up valuable study and preparation time. If you become distracted whilst studying, you might like to try the following:

-          Arrange to work alongside another student who works well
-          Take short, regular breaks
-          ‘Front-load’ your schedule – do more in the beginning – get to your study first thing. This gives you less time to procrastinate and more time to relax after you have achieved your study targets.
-          Use your ‘to do’ list – ticking off those little tasks can keep you motivated to continue with the bigger tasks
-          Make sure you are praising yourself for committing to study and your efforts so far – negative self talk is not helpful!


Balance can be difficult when you have various demands on your time but it is vitally important at this point in semester. Stress and overloading your schedule can lead to major burn out.
In your schedule make sure you allow yourself time to maintain the following aspects of your life which will not only keep you healthy but ensure that study time is worthwhile!
-          Eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water – what you’re putting into your body will help maintain the energy to continue with your studies
-          Make sure you are getting enough sleep – regular sleep routines will also assist with your schedule
-          Keep up your regular exercise – some students find that after an hour they do 15 mins of exercise to stay alert and keep motivated

Exam Study

Learning Development provide many resources to assist you with exams and they also run exam preparation workshops! Information is available on the Learning Development Blackboard site in UoNline.

Other mySupport tips for exam study include:
-          Check out the short loans library to see whether they have any past exams
-          Set your own practice exam questions and allocate time in which to complete them
-          Attend PASS exam revision sessions
-          Attend your week 13 revision lecture
-          Read the counselling service’s tip sheet for exams which can be found here.

Student Experience Officer
Feeling overwhelmed? Do not know where to go? Remember at mySupport there are Student Experience Officers here to assist. Please book in an appointment with your Student Experience Officer ( We can discuss your situation and work out what may help you best.

Best of luck in your final few weeks!

mySupport Team

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