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Week 9 - Stress Reduction

Managing your stress with mySupport

Arriving at the end of week 9 we are getting closer toward the end of semester…..winding down??? No chance.
This point in the semester is usually a hectic and stressful time – getting assessments finished, starting exam preparation, remembering what you have learnt so far….you should know that most students are experiencing stress and you are not alone. A little stress is part of everyday life and you can use that stress to enhance your productivity and focus – but we need to manage the stress so it can create a positive momentum on your studies and not become overwhelming.

10 Tips to Stress Less
1.       Watch out for stress overload. Common signs are difficulty concentrating, irritability, anger, headaches, changes in sleep and/or appetite.
2.       Identify the causes and triggers of your stress and take charge of what you can control. You only have the ability to work on what is within your control.
3.       Keep active and exercise when you can. Go for a walk if you are feeling stress building up. Also relax – meditation and breathing exercises can really help you to cope with stress – find a method that is right for you.
4.       Avoid being overwhelmed – fretting about your entire workload will look massive. Stay in the moment and handle each task at a time. Develop a flexible schedule for the next month & set some priorities.
5.       Change the way you react and the way you see your situation in stressful moments. Stress is a reaction to events and you can get into a pattern of how you react to stressful events. Perhaps seek another person’s perspective on the situation.
6.       Be positive! Counteract the negative thought with a ‘coping thought’ that contradicts the negative, for example ‘I have got no time to do this’ change this thought to ‘I will make time to complete my assignment’ or ‘I just don’t understand this’ change to ‘I have understood more than this’.
7.       Be kind to yourself. Maintain a healthy diet & get some sleep. Take time out for rest & fun.
8.       Stay connected to friends & family & let them know your plan of attack.
9.       Ask for help from your tutors, peers & student support services.
10.    Use stress – if you cannot eliminate your stress make a mental shift from ‘negative and worried’ to ‘positive and concerned’ which will allow more productivity to come from your stress.

Relaxation Resources at UoN

The University Counselling Service website has many tip sheets aimed at helping you manage your success: You can also check out the apps for meditation exercises:

Exams Looming?

Exams are just round the corner. Why not have a look at the ‘Surviving First Year Exams’ website ( This is a great resource for all students in preparation for the Semester 1 exams.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and would like some guidance or extra support, remember your Student Experience Officers are here! Contact us here at mySupport to make an appointment – 49217988 or

Do not forget about the final date to withdraw from courses without incurring a fail grade. Although census date has passed, and you are liable for course fees, there is still time to avoid a fail grade by withdrawing from a course prior to the last week of classes.
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