Monday, 8 September 2014

Kicking off on assignments

Top Tips for getting assessments done!!

6 weeks down….how many to go….?? Before we start counting down the weeks it’s time that those assessments are due….

Top tips to help finish those assessments –

  1. Just make a start! Getting through those assignments can only be done once they are started!
  2. We hear a lot about positive thoughts but do you apply this to yourself? Tell yourself you are making progress and doing the best you can when you are studying instead of saying “I cannot do this” or “this essay sucks”.
  3. Contribute something every day even if you cannot commit to too many hours – you will make a slight dint in your assignment even if you only have 30 minutes spare
  4. Break the question up into parts look for ‘instruction’ words like: Evaluate / Define / Examine – these words will direct the structure and layout of the question.
  5. Research with the question in front of you. As you research, continue to think ‘how can this relate to the question’. If you cannot find a relationship stop and revisit the question.
  6. If you feel daunted by the size of the written assignment break it down:
    Introduction = (approximately 10% of the total word count)Body = (Approximately 80% of the total word count)Conclusion = (Approximately 10% of the total word count)SO in an average 1,500 assignment, try working with this in mindIntroduction = one paragraph of approximately 150 wordsBody = 5-6 paragraphs of approximately 200 - 300 wordsConclusions = one paragraph of approximately 150 words
  1. Start by writing one paragraph - only 300 words or approximately 30 lines! Make sure that you start with a statement that highlights what you are trying to argue, then present evidence that both supports and contests that idea and then explain why one side is stronger than the other. Finish the paragraph with a sentence that sums up what you have said and provide a link to the next idea / paragraph. 
  2.  Always conclude by summarising the main arguments in the essay and try to add a new thought but not a completely new point. In other words, do not introduce new material into the conclusion try and build on an idea you have already mentioned. 
  3. Try to complete the assignment at least 48 hours before it is due….even make the due date 48 hours before it’s due. Completing an assignment at the last minute


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Good luck in your assignments!
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