Monday, 8 September 2014

The Masked Procrastinator

Welcome to Week 4!

Can you relate to the masked procrastinator? Maybe not protecting the city from crime and evildoers…..but what about that assignment?

I have taken a nap, cleaned the kitchen, rewarded myself with an ocean swim, watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy, made a snack and indulged in some tweeting today, but whatever my procrastination technique one problem remains…..the assignment is still there.

I have told myself for a while now that I work better under pressure…..but perhaps that is not the case. If I’m being honest I feel better once I actually start working on an assignment. It does not take long before some progress is made and I actually kind of begin to enjoy it.

In fact, once I get started, I even start to feel a bit smug that I am so fabulously organised and studious!

I have decided to dedicate this week to motivation, rather than procrastination. I am going to kick butt in that assignment – who’s with me???  

So where do I start?

Create a work space – create a space away from temptation that you dedicate to work. Internet blocking apps (such as Anti-Social) can assist in keeping the social media temptations at bay.

Schedule study like a job – arrange your breaks and work agreed hours (no calling in sick).

Take a look at upcoming assessments...

If you’re studying more than one subject, chances are you have a few assignments, quizzes and other assessable items coming up.

When is each assignment due and how much is it worth?

How long will each assignment take you? Not sure how to work this out – why not try using the assignment breakdown provided by Learning Development

How much revision do you have to complete before your quiz? How many weeks of lectures will be covered? Are there any practice questions?

The Learning Development team here at UoN have many online resources designed to help you stay on track this “motivation week”. Maths workshops, econsults and individual consultations are just a few of the services Learning Development can offer you. Check out the Learning Development Blackboard site for access to this support.

Break your assessments up into smaller manageable parts so you do not feel overwhelmed by the whole assessment.

Still procrastinating?

I know how hard it can be to stop procrastinating and start working... Next time you are putting off doing an assignment, why not read about some more practical techniques to stop procrastination:

And check out this motivational clip for some extra inspiration!

If these tips haven’t helped and you are feeling really stuck, contact the Counselling Service on (02) 4921 5801 or

Reminder – Census Date August 31
Census date is the final date to withdraw without incurring the fees associated with your courses. If you feel you are not able to cope with the workload of the courses you are enrolled in please contact your Student Experience Officer here at MySupport to discuss your options. Send us an email at or call 49217988.

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